【2018 Chiang Mai Life】Story during the trip- Find Myself in Chiang Mai(English)

The best part for traveling is not only the landscape but every stories during the trip. I love Chiang Mai because it completes and changes my life. Here, I find something looking for all the time.

Youth people are always confused and love thinking. We never get the answer until meet more and more people, hear more and more stories. Then, we try to consult our value, goal, opinion for life, and personality. Finally, we can hear the voice from deep mind clearly.

I had been to England four years ago. Near the street, there was a gypsy woman playing in tarot. By curious, I tried to play it. She told me love doesn’t reply on logic and brain but but listen to the voice from deeply mind. I just replied her that I couldn’t feel my heart at all. She said “Close your eyes, feel everything by your heart. Birdcall, cool breeze are the sound from nature. Only when you cool down, your can hear the voice from your heart. I couldn’t realize it at that time, for this moment, I understand. 🙂

Where am I from?Why am I here?Where should I go? There are the most unsolved questions for life. Also, the answer I looking for during my life. For the first one, I can not find out the answer. It comes from natural rule. How a normal person like me can figure out? At least, I find the answer for second and third one in Chinag Mai.

Someone ask me “If you can not find out the answer when you leave, will you hate Chiang Mai?” I try to think of it, what if I can not figure out when I leave, is the trip in vain? However, at the moment I leave, I know the person, things meeting change my whole life during this six months. At that moment, I find my life is totally worth, I will never hate Chiang Mai but thank for it. ^^

In my first plan, I consider to go Russia for 10 months or Canada. Considering the similar culture, good weather, low price standard, I chose here and never think that changes my life.

At the first, I am not sure to stay here or back to Bangkok? By the thought of traveling only, I go to Chiang Mai. Once I get off the airplane, my intuition told me it is a place I belong. Fir the next one week, I find the apartment, school,and start new life here.

Everything happening in life seems like the arrangement from destiny. Leading by faith in this moment, I come here, stay here, and meet you guys here. What if u guys are late for one second, what if I go somewhere else, I may not meet you. As what a writer said “I meet you from thousands of people crowd, the time is not so late, not so early, only thing we can say is Wow! You are here. :)” I don’t understand before, now I understand.

It is said “10 years working can make a chance to sit next to someone in the car, hundred working can get the chance to sleep next to somebody.” in Chinese. Faith leads us be together even though it separates in the end. Some peoples come, some people leave in life. We always think that we can get used to it. But we find out when somebody turns around, it may disappear in my life and never seen it again. However, it never go away from your heart. Every time think of it, it is really a deep heartbroken. 🙁

I always think that I am a shy, tide, and quiet girl in Taiwan. But here, I know that I am strong than what I think. Going to the hospital for stitch surgery in the midnight, carry 20 kg suitcase for three floor by myself, join a one day tour alone also talking with other travelers. In the mean time, I try to make new friend and realize that I am not shy but repress myself before.

A girl who seldom cycle before but ride bike 7 or 8 km everyday here, a girl seldom does exercise before but walking for 4 or 5 km is my normal life here, a girl seldom goes mountain before but finishes 1000m mountain which is around 10km trial. Challenge myself more and more, I find out everything is possible for life. And I do enjoy these new stuff for now. 🙂

As someone told me “No one can tell you what you can do, what can not. It is evil. Because everybody have right to know what they want, what should we limit yourself? Why should we let other define us?

Every trip has its meaning. Nothing happens by accident. Faith leads us together, at this moment, I meet you guys, you change my life. One day we may meet each other again, would you still the same person as who you were? Would I still the same person who was I? Would we keep the same touching as before? I don’t know the answer but I will never forget you and the beautiful memory in my heart. Hope we can store the pure feeling in our heart forever.

One day, I will come back to Chiang Mai. Even though I come back, the Chiang Mai will not be same. Without you guys company, the story will be different.

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