【The Story during the Trip】Why woman can not send guy a flower

Five years ago, I had a chance to stay in UK for three weeks. These three weeks changes my life and let me know happiness is a simple thing. 😉

Here, I saw lots of touching stories. With time went by, we are more insensitive for life, lose the ability to feel the touching moment in reality. Until I went to Chiang Mai, I found out the pure feeling once before.

I still remembered that I took the train by myself in UK. I went down stair to the platform and saw there was a woman looking like 60 years old with elegant dress walking next to me. There was a beautiful sunflower in her hand.

I went down stair and there was a old gentleman standing there. It seems that he was waiting for somebody. In my thought, they didn’t look like a couple but like a close friend or someone important to each other.

The old lady send flower to the old gentleman said:”This is for you.”. The old guy showed the biggest and cutest smile like a 7 years little boy opening the gift box and seeing the gift wanted. This smile is the most pure, direct, and childlike I have ever seen. :0

The old gentleman received the flower and said:”Thank you, It is lovely.” I was so touched by this moment. The most beautiful part during the trip is seeing the touching moment in life. At that time, I promise myself will send a guy important for me a flower once day. And also tell him this amazing story.

I don’t know why. Usually, the flower dies within three day or the petal drops off. But his flower is dried and become a dryer flower. Maybe it is like what he said:”It wants to stay longer with me.”

In Chiang Mai, I found out the pure touching moment and also purposed my promise. Actually, sending a flower is a way to show your feeling. No matter woman or man, it doesn’t matter who send the flower to whom. If somebody can feel your feeling, I think this touching can always keep the mind forever.

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